Hey there! A relationship will not work if it is built on false pretenses. The hard part is deciding which one is for you. It's a very sick world How to Date Your Neighbor. Remember that flirting is used for fun. Act like nothing happened if they ignore it, but yet act serious with them. Make jokes to get out of the awkwardness of the situation if it tends to be. Get their attention. Go on regular dates, like the movies, the mall, restaurants or dancing (if your Christian faith(s) allow it). I know how u feel ive been there. Try to keep it short and simple. Places to spend time looking for your ideal mate include. Compromises have to met on each others side in order for a relationship to remain strong. This might call for a pickup line. That means not saying, Eh, she's cute - but I prefer brunettes to blondes. It works best to be truthful - anything else creates a false start to love. Here are some ways to create a polite conversation without looking as if Online Dating you're going too far. Boys don't like it when girls seem tougher than them.
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